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Wednesday, April 28, 2010
I love my house. We've been there almost four years now, and in that time, we've truly made it into a home. We think it's cozy, pretty, and very "us". There is one area of my house, however, that makes me cringe - the attic. It is a giant, embarrassing mess. I've only let one person besides my husband even see it (hope I didn't scar you for life, Amanda!). For some reason, all of my neatnik ways, my organization skills, and my obsessive cleanliness go flying out the window once you hit that third floor of Casa Parody. Things are strewn everywhere. I have some idea of where all of the important things are. Everything else is just kind of tossed about, practically begging to be organized or thrown away. I can hardly bear to look at it.

I saw this article online today, and I am absolutely in awe. I am not normally a jealous person, but I was absolutely green with envy over this. Check it out:

I think I might employ some of these tips in my own attic! Then again, I might not. But hope springs eternal. ;-)

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At April 28, 2010 at 4:40 PM, Blogger Erin said........
Good luck with this task...almost glad we don't have an attic or a basement right now. However, that means all of our stuff we need to store takes up most of our closet space. Her attic is ridiculous! That is over 10 times the size of some people's houses! Geesh!