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Thursday, April 15, 2010
Today on Shine, there's an article about crazy high heels. I'm talking way over 5 inches here, ladies! Now, everyone knows I love a good high heel shoe. Preferably something classic, somewhere in the 3 inch heel neighborhood. However, I am adamant about one thing: they must be comfortable! No matter how good you think you look, hobbling in pain is never, ever sexy. If they hurt out of the box, the odds you'll be able to "break them in" over time is relatively small. Do yourself a favor, my fellow fashionista, and keep looking...that perfect-fitting, glamorous pair of heels in just the color you're looking for is out there!

Here's a link to the Shine article:

My favorite online sites for shoe shopping are,, and They all offer a staggering selection, great customer service, and free return shipping, just in case the shoe doesn't fit. ;-)

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