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Friday, April 16, 2010
I'm getting my hair cut today. I have thin, fine hair, and I wish more than anything that I could just grow it out, and have a nice, thick head of hair that looks fabulous and blinds everyone with its shine. Damn you, Pantene ads! Alas, when it's in damaged mode (as it is right now), growing my hair out just results in stringy strands that feel like straw. Sigh! Luckily, my stylist is also one of my BFFs, and she is fab-u-lous. I really have little to worry about once I'm in her chair. But I still get a terrible wave of anxiety when those scissors come out. I worry that my round face will look rounder the shorter I go, and I always have an awful image flash in my head of the scissors slipping and lopping my hair off somewhere around ear length. Shudder! Today, I'm going to see Summer (aforementioned stylist/BFF) armed with a super-cute pic of Kelly Clarkson just after she got her hair cut into an awesome asymmetrical bob a year or so ago. Observe!

This look even involves (gasp!) bangs! Long ones, though. I'm not about to get my curling iron and can or Rave hairspray out again or anything. Hopefully, I will love it. Time to take a deep breath, push the salon door open, and banish the Pantene girl with the long, shiny hair from memory!

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