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Monday, April 19, 2010
I have been reading a lot lately about diet soda, and why you should never drink it. Then my doctor mentioned it at my latest appointment ("Nothing but water and skim milk!" she shouted). This is terrible! Diet soda (and morning coffee, for that matter) is my salvation, especially in times of dieting. It's the one sweet thing I thought I could feel good about consuming. Arrrrgh. I don't mind drinking water. I already drink a few bottles a day. But having it as my only beverage? This is going to be a real challenge. I never drink regular Coke, so I'm not expecting to see a big weight drop from switching to water. However, many sources say that diet soda changes what you crave eating, leading you more towards sweets and empty calories. Interesting! I guess I'll give it a try. If I notice any big health differences, I will definitely post about it!

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