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Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Sorry, didn't mean to stick that song in your head.

I am a naturally cheerful person. I always, always prefer to be positive about life in general, because it makes me happy. I think so much of your mood and attitude is about choice - you choose how you react to events and to other people. I'm definitely not saying it's always easy, because I know all too well that it's not. But I do think it's a pretty simple formula: if you decide you are going to be sad, you will be. If you decide you are going to be happy, you will be.

I've been going through a pretty difficult time in my life, and I have absolutely had my moments of just wanting to eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's and wallow in despair. Luckily, those moments haven't lasted terribly long, because I just hate feeling down. I hate that it drags everyone around me down, too. I've been doing a lot of reading about how others pull themselves out of a funk, and came across this great article and list on Shine:

A few of my own get-happy-again tactics:
* Go for a walk or drive somewhere pretty. Letting nature awe and inspire me always lifts my mood.
* Spend some quality time showering your pet with affection.
* Take a nice, long shower with your favorite shower gel, facial mask, the works. Follow with a spritz of a perfume you love - who cares if it's your special occasion scent?
* Sex - oh, like it doesn't make you happy?
* Get a mani/pedi, or swing by the salon for a new haircut or color. If you're short on funds, try a local beauty school - you'll pay pennies on the dollar for salon services, plus you'll be helping the students hone their skills.
* Volunteer! Do something for a cause you believe in, or a local charity in need. It will be almost impossible to continue feeling lousy after helping others.
* Funfetti cake. That is all.
* Attend a local sporting event and cheer away for the home team.
* Surf your iTunes list or CD collection and make a playlist of only songs you absolutely adore. It doesn't matter if the songs go together or not. Sing along loudly.
* Buy or rent a DVD of your all-time favorite TV show and spend a few lazy hours watching it. Nothing cheers me up like a good Golden Girls marathon.

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At October 27, 2010 at 3:04 PM, Blogger Erin said........
You are just like Bob! Funfetti Cake...that is all...hilarious! Thanks for the post, just what I needed!