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Friday, June 25, 2010
I read a fabulous post on Shine recently, which lists some of the author's favorite things about the Summer season. Love it - and I'm adding a few of my own:

1. Driving with the windows down and moon roof open in my Beetle on a warm, starry night
2. The beachy smell of sunscreen
3. Breaking out my Storm Watch Yankee Candles, which for some reason I only do in Summer
4. Sitting on my front porch, enjoying a cold beverage, after a long day of work
5. Reading a girly book or fashion mag in my back yard
6. Bumpy's ice cream sundaes (and snickering at the adults driving the bumper boats while waiting in line)
7. My cat in the open window, happily sniffing the breeze as it blows in
8. Old Navy flip-flops in every color imaginable
9. Walks around Central Park
10. Watching baseball on TV with the hubby at night
11. Not worrying about the National Grid bill
12. Snagging an outside table at a restaurant or bar
13. Free outdoor concerts
14. Going in to work and leaving work during daylight hours
15. SPAC!

What are some of yours??

Here is the original list:

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At June 25, 2010 at 10:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said........
Hm. Some of mine? Cold beer on a hot summer day, not freezing to cook on the grill, great summer veggies, just to name a few