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Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Oh, where to begin when discussing the phenomenon that is Clothes Mentor?! At the outset, it is a used clothing store where you can both buy and sell your fashionable, very gently-used or new clothing, shoes and accessories. I've been to its sister store, Plato's Closet, and was really unenthused. Mostly because there is no place for a size 16 gal in a juniors-filled clothing store. But also because the style of clothes just didn't feel like me. Along came Clothes Mentor. Same business concept, but all of the clothes, shoes, purses and jewelry feel like they have come straight from my (or one of my friends') closet! Coach bags?! Ann Taylor suits?! Elie Tahari heels?! Yes please! I spent about $80 my first time there, and came away with three very full bags of things I now wear all of the time. Some of the items still had their original price tags attached! There is something so very satisfying about a skirt you bought for $5 that has a $60 price tag. I even found a very vintage-y looking beaded necklace for all of $4. I have eyed their designer purse section, but I sort of feel that's the one area where you may not get the best deal. I think Ebay is still the best source, simply because if you bid at the right time, you can really get a steal (a la the Kate Spade bag I just nabbed for $43, I suspect because the auction ended at 3PM on a Monday). At Clothes Mentor, a $400 Coach bag might be on sale for $225. Granted, a huge chunk of savings off the original price, but still a little steep for my wallet. I digress. I also made the trip there to sell a few boxes of clothes, shoes and purses. My overall evaluation of the selling process is: do not take super high-end items, because you will not get anywhere near what you think they are worth. This is the place to take that Ann Taylor blouse you wore once and stashed in your closet ever since, NOT the Manolo Blahniks you saved up for a year to buy and now don't wear. Note the distinction. They are understandably very picky about what they take - must be in perfect condition, in season, and in style. Of the three boxes I took in, they took one box's worth. Interesting rejects: new jeans that they said were just not the wash their customers seemed to want, gorgeous Nine West suede heels that were not the right season, and a Kate Spade wallet that they already had two of. I appreciated that they explained the resons to me, rather than just shoving them back across the counter at me. In total, I made $65 on my unwanted items. I assure you, I have spent it back and then some in my weekly trips to see what new items the store has received. The current store is located at 818 Central Avenue in Albany. Much to my delight, they are building a second Capital District location right near me, in Crosstown Plaza in Schenectady (slated to open in September). Check out their website for more details:

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At July 20, 2010 at 11:47 AM, Blogger Erin said........
Ooooh I am soooo excited to go check that place out!